Home to "Oro de Torca " Extra Virgin Olive Oil
We are situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty next to Reserva National Laguna Torca, and 3k from the Pacific Ocean .


Welcome to our farm, home to


Early Harvest, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Arbequina EVOO, has been awarded a Gold Medal at Sol D'Oro Hemisferio Sur 2014 


A warm welcome to Hacienda Laguna Torca, adjoining Reserva Nacional Laguna Torca, the home to a mulititude of Black-necked Swans, we offer some unique accomodation in one of our two comfy, modern lodges. Close to Lago Vichuquen and the Pacific ocean, your in "Wine country! "

The Farmhouse, with Red tiled roof and thick Adobe walls, is at the center of the farm. Recently restored this is a fine example of a Chilean farmhouse representing the charm of old Chilean culture and tradition.

The two lodges are unique ,"Cascada", suspended between two hillside, bridging the small quebrada, features Glass, in walls, in bathrooms, and in large sliding doors, back and front, which open up the whole lodge to the regular breezes. and giving panoramic views over the National Reserve.

"Laguna", this Lodge feature spaciousness, utilising modern building practices, this Lodge has been recently divided into two seperate units. High ceilings keep it cool and fresh even at the height of summer, again with great views over the Lagoon. They come well equipped to cover all your self catering needs. However we make sure you have a good start to the day as breakfast is included! Sole and her mum will provide extra meals as requested , and of course plenty of wonderful local Chilean wine.

With 170 Acres the farm is a mixture. Our Olive Grove occupies the fields next to the Laguna, from which we produce "Oro de Torca " Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our resident beehives gives us pure natural honey, "Oro de Torca " Miel Artesanal .

Our well stocked fruit garden´s and horse pasture covers four acres in front of the main house, and behind are extensive wooded hillsides, home to our Llama herd, providing excellent hiking and horse riding trails with some stunning views of Lago Vichuquen, Laguna Torca and the Pacific Ocean, all at the same time ! We are just ten minutes from Llico playa beach. The seaside pueblo of Llico offers a selection of shops and restaurants for your local convenience and enjoyment.


Our Climate

October, November,December: Spring is here, warm days, cool nights and the gardens are blooming, birds nesting, my favorite time of year!

January, Febuary: Intense blue skies, Long, Dry, Hot days, kept cool by sea breezes. School holidays, Llico playa busy! Still cool at night. Humidity is not a problem here!

March, April, May : Warmed up nicely, we don´t get much summer rain.

June, July, August, September : Our winter months, Cooler and some rain (We need it, been a very dry summer), but still plenty of sunshine.

Where are we ?

Chilean Farm Stay Holidays, at Hacienda Laguna Torca are located south of Santiago, in the Central valley of Chile, Maule region 7, next to the Laguna Torca National Reserve, home to a multitude of Black necked swans. Near Llico on the Pacific Ocean and Lago Vichuquen . Access by bus, hire car, or private plane to nearby local flying club.

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Cascada Tariff

Cascada Lodge is 80,000 clp a night.Includes breakfast and taxes. This lodge sleeps 4, with 2 bedrooms.

If the reservation is for a single night only, is 95,000clp. But for longer stays, ask for a discount!

Laguna Tariff

Laguna Lodge, Unit 1 is 65,000 clp a night. Sleeps 4

Laguna Lodge, Unit 2 is 65,000 clp a night. Sleeps 4

Includes breakfast and taxes in both units

If the reservation is for a single night only, is 80,000clp. But for longer stays, ask for a discount!


Price check. These prices are for the entire lodge, not per person ! And you can save more money by using the well equipped kitchens in each lodge for your catering !!


Real free range Chickens and Real free range Eggs, not always white! Expect some with your breakfast.

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    "ORO de TORCA" Farm cart with Violetta.


    Locally there are several good seafood restaurants, using fresh locally caught fish and crab to brighten your day.


    Wine tours are also available, however staying locally on the farm, allows you to take your time and find the less explored vineyards as well.

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